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Group income protection insured employees Creating a culture of wellbeing involves a focus on prevention: on helping employees ensure that minor niggles, aches and pains don’t become larger, lingering problems – this would not only be bad for employees but also bad for business. Poor wellbeing is found to impact productivity directly – through absence - but also through staff presenteeism. This is a prevalent and growing concern for organisations and is often the greatest cause of lost output. That’s why a key focus of Generali’s wellbeing support services is on helping employees and managers nip potential problems in the bud, wherever possible, either prior to an absence actually occurring or at a very early stage. Day zero & early interventions — Generali offers a full early intervention service for employees covered by the GIP scheme whether at work (day zero interven- tions) or before a claim commences (early intervention); — Early intervention referrals are usually made at HR level and after consultation with the designated claims handler; — Discussions can take place on-site, by phone or during regular teleconference calls; — Access is provided to a whole host of inde­ pendent experts, in order to assess the entire biopsychosocial situation. For example: • Mental health support – personalised pathways that might incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, counselling either through the EAP service or with other qual- ified individuals and psychiatric assessments; • Musculoskeletal support – professional physiotherapy and orthopaedic assess- ments and treatment; • Cancer support – personal case manag- ers will tailor plans to help get individual employees back to normal life and work, both during and after treatment; • Chronic fatigue and pain support – personalised programmes by specialists, aimed at helping individuals gain control of their health and regain full and active lives. 2,989 people - one third of all group income protection claims submitted - were helped back to work in 2017 because of an early intervention (such as fast track access to counselling or physiotherapy). Source : Group Risk Development (GRiD) annual claims report, April 2018 “ Wellbeing For Employees - Generali UK | 11

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